Maranata Salineira

Maranata Salineira do Brasil produces high-quality sea salt intended to several types of consumption. Maranata has presented itself as one of the largest sea salt exporters in South America since 2014. Currently, Maranata Salineira commercializes 1 million tons of salt per year. With an increase of demand in both the external and internal market, Maranata is in full execution of a project that will significantly enhance its production and logistic capability.

In the local market, Maranata has brands that stand out in all major retail chains. The company’s goal is to have the most consumed brand of salt by the Brazilian population. To achieve it, a new processing plant with the largest production capability in Brazil has been built. With the new facilities, Maranata also stands out in the industrial market, producing salt with high technology and many granulations and specifications, ready to grow in Brazil.


To have Brazil’s main salt brand until the end of the decade and trade 2 million tons per year by the end of 2022.


To innovate in its products and presenting healthy solutions for salt consumption to the Brazilian population.