• Sodium chloride: 99,6%
  • Moisture: 1,80% – 3,4%
  • Calcium: 0,04% – 0,08%

Maranata salt is 100% solar salt. Our water is collected from the Atlantic Ocean, we are located at the parallel 5th south. It is the perfect combination of one of the purest ocean currents with the semi-arid climate of constant trade winds and impermeable soil. Our Salt quality allows us to attend several segments and markets. Maranata Salt is used for many types of consumption throughout the world, such as chemical industries, deicing salt, water treatment, pool salt, human consumption, animal food and others.

Our geographic position is logistically well located at the very northeast of South America to attend with high competitiveness all over Atlantic Ocean demands. Our loading port is Termisa, Areia Branca-RN, able to loading cargos up to 60 thousand tons. Present Maranata Group early Salt production is 1.6 million tons per year.